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Baby 4month/ 24months

Repetition promotes learning while keeping a fun environment. The songs and rhymes are the most natural way for babies to listen and learn. All activities are carefully balanced to ensure they have fun
and stay relaxed.
We encourage little splashes with arms and invite moment to legs. This will introduce front and back and head in the wáter. We reach out for small toys and play in the wáter. Babies particularly love bubbles. 
Our underwater activities continue to focus totally on each baby.

Toddler 2/4 years old

In this level we instill water safety knowledge, like walking or returning to the on the wall on their own.
Swim tools are used for the duration of class to have kids perform better, bubbles, kicks, scooping, jump
in, pool safety, games, also, back float and introduction and much more. 
Repetition makes learning to swim easier and natural for them.
Kids are expected to learn the mechanism of going out to breath.

Junior 5/7 years old

We start swimming with kickboards and noodles to improve alignment and style technique. This Level
introduces new skills in preparation for stroke learning, they begin to enjoy the water with some swim
skills independence. 
We introduce big pizza arms (breaststroke) and rainbow arms (freestyle). They love
to wear their goggles and dive. 
Our Junior kids can enter and exit the water safely, gradually learning to swim short distances on their
own. They start their swim laps on their own, putting together submersing the face in the water, breaths
and kicks.
All children learn to swim basic freestyle, back stroke, and breaststroke for the upcoming
age group skills.

Pre - Teen 8/12 years old

In this level we continue to practice and improve previously acquired techniques.
Swimmers are able to swim long distance.
Introduction of all 4 strokes and technique improvement.
Refine freestyle and backstroke skills.
Introduction to butterfly. Focused on side breathing and re-introduction to breaststroke.

Teen 13/17 years old

Swimmers will focus on refining freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, increasing endurance, and polish
learned butterfly stroke.
Focus is on race starts, turns and distance, as well as technique.


In advance refined all styles.
Focus is on race starts, turns and distance, as well as technique.learned butterfly stroke.
Focus is on race starts, turns and distance, as well as technique.